I’m not going to pretend this is gourmet. This is another go-to freezer option for Walker while I’m gone. And I know everyone has their favorite cheese combination for mac and cheese, and who am I to say that one is any better than the other? They’re not, they’re just different.

To tell the truth, I don’t even use a consistent set of cheeses to make this. I usually just use whatever good cheeses I have on hand, with only one exception. I go out of my way to always have a nice white cheddar, but otherwise, almost anything goes.

For this version I used two parts white cheddar, one part gouda, one part emanthaler, a chunk of cream cheese (it helps with making the melted cheese cream together nicely. Some people use Velveeta for the same purpose, but Velveeta scares me with it’s ingredients that end in -ate). In this recipe, I added a tablespoon of chopped chipotle in adobo, deseeded, for a five serving recipe.

It came out well, I think. But I guess I’ll know for sure what the Critic’s comments will be when I open the freezer once I get home!